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Greener Building: The CO2 Footprint Reduction Challenge
Business and Economics
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About this course

The buildings sector, responsible for constructing, heating, cooling, and lighting homes and businesses, as well as the appliances and equipment within them, accounts for over one third of global energy consumption and emissions. There is a pressing need to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings. The goal of this challenge is to minimize emissions from a building located on the IP Paris campus (DrahiX-the startup incubator).

This is a student challenge open to all students from different disciplines. Groups can be crated from 4 to 5 students and the award will be: First place 3000 € per group, second place 2000 € per group and third place 1000 €.

Expected learning outcomes

  • Apply specific technical skills and knowledge from your academic background in an operational project.
  • Articulate your skills and knowledge in a multidisciplinary context to develop cross-cutting solutions to a chosen question.
  • Use a scientific and technical approach to propose solutions that are socially responsible.

Course requirements

No specific requirements. Just need to be enrolled at any University.



More information
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    ECTS 0
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  • Instructors
    Martina ANDRADE
  • Mode of delivery
    Online - at a specific time
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