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Cities and transportation
Business and Economics
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About this course

Cities are evolving rapidly but urban transportation evolves even faster. Recent examples include: car-sharing schemes, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), e-scooter sharing fleets, autonomous bus services, bike deliveries, and so on. However, conventional means of transportation (ie. private cars and mass transit) still form the backbone of urban mobility.

Transportation planners and economists have at their disposal a large amount of data and tools capable of analyzing and predicting mobility patterns.

The objective of this course is to discuss these issues and provide an overview of:

1/ Urban transport modes along with their field of relevance and general business models

2/ Transportation modeling techniques (traffic demand and assignment)

3/ Performance assessment and evaluation techniques

Expected learning outcomes

By the end of this cours, students will have gained a general backgound on urban transportation systems, they will have got familiarized with emerging modes/concepts and modeling techinques, and they will have developped skills on new mobility data handling and analysis.


Form: Written exam and group project
Transcript available: end of the semester and generally 8 weeks after the exam.


Lectures, Group work

More information
  • Local course code
  • Study load
    ECTS 4
  • Level
  • Contact hours per week
  • Instructors
    Zoi Christoforou
  • Mode of delivery
    Online - at a specific time
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